To start doing business in the UAE, you must first complete your company formation. The government has streamlined many processes; however, experience, practical expertise, and insider knowledge are still required. Without expert assistance, the application process can drag on for months, wasting valuable resources and funds.

But with NUR International, we can help you make your business plans become reality. At NUR International, we provide SMEs, entrepreneurs, and expanding companies with efficient and reliable business incorporation and support solutions. With over 20 years of experience, our focus is on helping our clients achieve their business goals with knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy service that produces effective solutions and encourages growth. Our clients can feel safe and secure, knowing that NUR International’s team of experts is there to help their businesses achieve success.



Our vision is to become the most trusted business incorporation experts in the UAE who set the industry standard for reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable customer care whilst providing outstanding business support solutions that foster growth, development, and success for all of our clients.

With our extensive industry experience, our solid commitment to serving our clients, and our dedication to providing the highest quality incorporation and business services, NUR International will set the new standard in excellence for reliable, honest, and transparent expertise for businesses starting or expanding in the UAE.